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Healthy Communities Data and Indicators Project​​

The Healthy Communities Data and Indicators Project (HCI) provides a standardized set of statistical measures, data, and tools on the social determinants of health in California. The goal of the HCI is to provide datasets and tools that a broad array of sectors can use for planning healthy communities and evaluating the impact of plans, projects, policy, and environmental changes on community health.

Indicator datasets include data for California, as well as its counties, regions, communities, and census tracts when available. Datasets also include stratifications by race/ethnicity and other population characteristics. Indicators are organized by the "A-N" categories in Section 131019.5 of the California Health and Safety Code (PDF). Content for these indicators is updated as data becomes available.  The majority of datasets here can also be found on the California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal. For any questions, please contact

Find out more information on the background of HCI (PDF).

Suggested Citation:

Healthy Communities Data and Indicators Project, California Department of Public Health, Office of Health Equity. [Indicator Definition, data years]. Date accessed: [date].    ​


(A) Income Security 

Indicator and Narrative

Indicator Full Title

​State Estimate



Living Wage (PDF)

Living wage and percent of families with income below the living wage

​25.0% of families


XLS (4.7MB)

Unemployment Rate (PDF)

Percent of the population in the labor force who are unemployed

​6.7% unemployment rate


XLSX (2.9MB)


Unemployment Fact Sheet

Poverty Rate (PDF)

Overall and child (0 to 18 years of age) poverty rate (200% FPL)

​32.5% of overall population


​XLSX (6.6MB)


Poverty Fact Sheet

Income Inequality (Gini Index) (PDF)

Distribution of household income relative to the number of households, expressed on a 0 to 1 scale (Gini Index)

​0.49 Gini index score


XLSX (841KB)

Jobs to Housing Ratio (PDF)

Jobs to housing ratio (number of jobs/number of housing units)

Not Available

XLSX (2.0MB)

Jobs to Employed Residents Ratio (PDF)

Jobs to employed residents ratio (number of jobs/number of employed residents)

​​Not Available

XLSX (5.6MB)

 (B) Food Security and Nutrition

Indicator and NarrativeIndicator Full Title​​State EstimateDatasetVisualizations

Food Affordability (PDF)

Average cost of a market basket of nutritious food items relative to income

​26.6% of income


​XLS (3.9MB)

Retail Food Environment (PDF)

Modified retail food environment index (mRFEI)

​17.9 mRFEI score


XLSX (4.1MB)


ESRI Storymap

Proximity to Alcohol Outlets (PDF)

Percent of the population within ¼ mile of alcohol outlets by type of establishment sales

​43.8% of Californians


​XLSX (38.7MB)

 (C) Child Development, Education, and Literacy

Indicator and NarrativeIndicator Full Title​​State EstimateDatasetVisualizations

Educational Attainment (PDF)

Percent of population age 25 and up with a four-year college degree or higher

​33.3% of population age 25+


XLSX (27.2MB)


ESRI Storymap

Licensed Daycare Center Slots (PDF)

Number of licensed daycare center slots per 1,000 children aged 0-5 years

266 slots per 1,000 children ≤ 5


XLSX (3.6MB)

Children Reported with Neglect, Physical, or Sexual Abuse (PDF)

Children (under 18) reported with neglect, physical, or sexual abuse per 1,000 children

​52.6 children neglected/abused per 1,000 children


XLSX (5.9MB)

Household Types (PDF)

Household by type of family and head of household

​6.3% single-mother households


A-M Counties XLSX (42.0MB)

N- Y Counties XLSX (28.0MB)

(D) Housing

Indicator and NarrativeIndicator Full Title​​State EstimateDatasetVisualizations

Percent of Households Incurring Housing Cost Burdens (PDF)

Percent of households paying more than 30% (or 50%) of monthly household income towards housing

​40.6% of households pay >30%

19.7% of households pay >50%


Housing Cost Burden Datasets

Percent of Household Crowding (PDF)

Percent of household overcrowding (>1.0 persons per room) and severe overcrowding (>1.5 persons per room)

​8.2% of households experience overcrowding

2.8% of households experience severe overcrowding


Overcrowding XLSX (35.3MB)

Severe  XLSX (31.7MB)


ESRI Storymap

Neighborhood Change (PDF)

10-year change in number of households by income and race/ethnicity

​+751,398 households


A - Lake  XLSX (31.7MB)

Lassen - Sac XLSX (42.9MB)

San Benito - Y XLSX (29.1MB)


(E) Environmental Quality

Indicator and NarrativeIndicator Full Title​​State EstimateDatasetVisualizations

Ozone Air Pollution (PDF)

Annual average number of unhealthy days of ozone air pollution

Not Available

XLSX (2.8MB)


Fine Particulate Air Pollution (PDF)

Annual ambient concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5)

Not Available

XLSX (10.1MB)


Unsafe Drinking Water (PDF)

Percent of the population served by community water systems not meeting regulations of the Safe Drinking Water Act

​Not Available

A-N Counties XLSX (28.1MB)

O-Y Counties XLSX (24.8MB)

Smoking (PDF)

Prevalence of smoking in adults and youth

1.2% of teens

9.0% of adults


XLSX (2.5MB)

(F) Accessible Built Environments

Indicator and NarrativeIndicator Full Title​​State EstimateDatasetVisualizations

Road Traffic Injuries (PDF)

Annual number of fatal and severe road traffic injuries per population (per 100,000) and per miles traveled by transport mode

​35.3 injuries per 100,000 population


A-N Counties XLSX (30.6MB)

O-Y Counties XLSX (34.5MB)

Miles Traveled by Occurrence (PDF)

Annual miles traveled by occurrence and by mode

​8,798 vehicle miles


XLSX (2.2MB)

Mode of Transport to Work (PDF)

Residents aged 16 years and older mode of transportation to work

​13.2 million residents drive alone


​XLSX (23.1MB)

Percent of Workers' Daily Commute 10 or More Minutes by Walking or Biking (PDF)

Percent of population 16 years or older whose commute to work is 10 minutes/day or more by walking or biking

​1.7% of population age 16+


XLS (5.1MB)

Walkable Distance to High Quality Public Transit (PDF)

Percent of the population residing within ½ mile of a major transit stop

Not Available

Bay Area XLSX (3.11MB)

Southern California XLSX  (5.33MB)

San Diego County XLSX (1.86MB)

Sacramento County XLSX (1.09MB)

Access to Parks (PDF)

Percent of population within ½ mile of park, beach, open space, or coastline

​76.3% of population


XLSX (61.6MB)


ESRI Storymap

Tree Canopy Coverage (PDF)

Percent of area covered by tree canopy

Not Available

XLSX (18.0MB)

(G) Health Care

Indicator and NarrativeIndicator Full Title​​State EstimateDatasetVisualizations

Health Insurance (PDF)

Percent of adults aged 18 - 64 years without health insurance

​8.5% of adults


XLSX (2.64MB)

(H) Prevention Efforts

Indicator and NarrativeIndicator Full Title​​State EstimateDatasetVisualizations

Childhood Fitness (PDF)

Percent of children scoring 6 of 6 on FITNESSGRAM®

23.1% of Grade 5

28.2% of Grade 7

33.0% of Grade 9


Years 2001-2005 XLSX (25.6MB)

Years 2006-2010 XLSX (27.2MB)

Years 2011-2016 XLSX (37.2MB)


ESRI Storymap

(J) Neighborhood Safety and Collective Efficacy

Indicator and NarrativeIndicator Full Title​​State EstimateDatasetVisualizations

Violent Crime Rate (PDF)

Violent crimes per 100,000 population

​447.4 crimes per 100,000 population


XLSX (7.2MB)

Voter Registration and Participation (PDF)

Percent of eligible voters who are registered to vote

Percent of registered voters who voted in the most recent general election

​77.5% of eligible voters

62.4% of registered voters


XLSX (12.2MB)

Tableau (2016)

Tableau (2018)

 Voter Registration Fact Sheet


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