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Request for Application (RFA) #22-10853

LBTQ Health Equity Initiative: LBTQ Research Among California Communities

Questions & Answers


​Can an organization apply to more than one RFA through the Initiative? 

​Yes. Organizations may apply once to each RFA, but cannot submit multiple applications per RFA.

The LBTQ Health Equity Initiative released three RFAs: RFA #22-10153 Healthcare Access & Community Outreach Program; RFA #22-10531 Service Provider Capacity Building Program; and RFA #22-10853 LBTQ Research Among California Communities.


It appears the RFA is geared towards community-based organizations not individual researchers. Can you please confirm this?

California-based non-profit community-based organizations, Tribal governments, and accredited public and not-for-profit private academic institutions are eligible for this funding opportunity. 

All applicants must meet all minimum requirements specified in the RFA. Please refer to RFA Section 4.1: Minimum Qualifications.

 A researcher or research-based organization that does not meet all minimum requirements described in RFA Section 4.1 may partner (subcontract) with a community-based organization that does meet all minimum requirements. 


​The RFA says one application per applicant, is that per organization or per principal investigator?


​An organization/agency/institution may only submit one application as a prime applicant. This limitation does not apply to subcontractors. 

I.e., if CBO 1 subcontracts with a researcher from University A, and CBO 2 subcontracts with another researcher from University A - this is allowed.

If we are a research-based organization, would the CBO we partner with need to be the primary applicant? 
​If the research-based organization does not meet all the minimum requirements specified in the RFA, then yes, it must partner with an organization that acts as the prime applicant to ensure all minimum requirements are met.

Whose budget is looked at for the $250,000 threshold if there is a CBO/university partnership?
​This requirement only applies to the lead applicant's budget.

Do consultants' operating budgets matter? For instance, if a small organization with a budget under $250,000 hires an organization with a budget larger than $250,000 to help with research?
​This requirement only applies to the lead applicant's budget.

Is award inclusive of indirect? 
​ Yes, the award is inclusive of indirect.

Q8: Is there any flexibility on the 50% of the direct costs if we are proposing a more health systems barriers to access focused study?
No, all requirements in the RFA should be interpreted strictly.

Labor/Benefit Rates—Our agency, like many others, estimates benefits costs at a percentage of salaries that includes health benefits and require payroll and unemployment insurance. While the instructions define fringe as inclusive of health benefits and payroll taxes, the budget sheet requires that those two items be separated and there is a requirement that fringe benefits be reported at ACTUAL COSTS. As a large organization, I am not sure that is possible. Is there any exception to this rule?
​Yes, you may combine health benefits and payroll taxes into fringe benefits. We will accept estimates of fringe benefits.

Regarding the budget template, can you clarify if we can include indirect and direct cost outside of personnel such as research participant incentives?
Yes, please cite other direct costs under materials.

Are we able to use federally negotiated federal indirect cost rates?
​No, we do not currently have a provision for using federally negotiated indirect cost rates. Please refer to Attachment 5 – Budget Sheet.

There is a limitation on indirect costs. Does that apply to subcontractors too? 
Yes, if they are a non-profit the limitation on indirect costs does apply to them.

The example template has the proposer budgeting in detail per task with a total. Is this going to be a deliverable-based project (i.e., paying per task completed)? 
​Yes, this is a deliverable-based project.

Q14:Can one of the letters of support be for the consultant/subcontractor?
Yes, the letters of support should be for the contracting team and may include letters of support for the consultant/subcontractor.

One issue I have seen working with the state is getting healthcare access bills through appropriations for rural areas. If this would be a long-term goal of doing a study on disparities faced by rural LGBT folks, do you have any suggestions?
​A long-term objective of this grant is to help inform policy decision making. Studies may provide insight into helping guide policy. 

Does the research have to be focused on LBTQ folks directly or if it can be systems research in terms of examining barriers that prevent LBTQ folks from entering into healthcare services?
A study focused on examining barriers preventing LBTQ folks from entering into healthcare services is allowable under this funding opportunity. LBTQ populations should be centered within the proposal. Please see section 2.4 Program Requirements for further detail. 

What do you mean by "in-depth review of relevant currently available literature"? Does this mean peer-reviewed literature will be required, and if so, will you be providing access to EbscoHost or a similar resource as many organizations with budgets below $250,000 do not have access to these expensive resources?
​The intent of the literature review requirement is for the researcher to demonstrate an understanding of existing research, debates, and/or discussions relevant to the study. This requirement is not limited to peer-reviewed literature and may include white papers from CBOs or other organizations. The Department will not provide access to any publication resources.

If we want to propose a needs assessment, can this be a needs assessment that broadly looks at LBTQ women and trans individuals in California or would we have to focus on one of the sub-populations in the RFA?
​Needs assessment proposals must focus on one of the sub-populations in the RFA. Please refer to section 2.2 Priority Populations List.


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