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Program support branch (psb)


CDPH has a dedicated advocate as required by Government Code, Section 11148.5(a), to provide you with the following and much more:

  • Seek out, educate, encourage, and assist SB/DVBEs with opportunities for economic growth, by participating in CDPH contracting and procurement activities.

  • Ensure CDPH procurement and contracting processes are administered in order to meet or Exceed the 25% SB and 3% DVBE participation goals as per: Executive Order D-43-01 and Executive Order S-02-06.

  • Receive, respond and resolve complaints or issues from SB/MB/DVBEs regarding compliance with CDPH regulations and policies.

  • Assist and answer questions from CDPH programs regarding our SB/MB/DVBE policies, procedures, waivers and E-procurement searches.

  • Provide resources and information on how to get certified as a small business in California.

  • Develop and conduct SB/DVBE program department trainings and workshops for procurement and contract staff.

  • Help resolve state contract issues, ensure prompt payment and disseminate information on pending solicitations.​​


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