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Celebrating 30 Years

30 Years of Success and Innovation: Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future of Tobacco Control in California 2020 (PDF): This publication provides a historical review of the tobacco control movement since the California Tobacco Control Program began through the present, and looks to the future for what is next.

Evaluation of the Economic Impact of California's Tobacco Control Program: A Dynamic Model Approach: Published in BMJ Tobacco Control, this study finds the CTCP’s work has resulted in lives saved and positive economic impact to California since the program began.

Health Justice in Numbers 2020 (PDF): This infographic highlights the money saved and cigarette sales prevented since CTCP began its work.


Additional Resources

Tobacco Laws Affecting California: The 2019 booklet explains recent developments in California law, federal rulemaking updates on electronic cigarettes and flavored tobacco products, and recent state and federal cases related to tobacco control.

Legislative Mandate for Proposition 99 and Proposition 56 (PDF):

Proposition 99, passed by California voters in 1988, gave birth to CTCP. In 2016, Proposition 56 added additional layers to California’s tobacco control efforts.


Celebrating 30 Years Of Health Justice: This short film documents the history of the California Tobacco Control Movement since the passage of the Proposition 99 a 25c tobacco tax on a pack of cigarettes in 1988, launching a revolutionary public health effort to end tobacco-related death and disease.



TobaccoFreeCA—The California Story: Watch this timeline walk through major highlights in California’s tobacco control story from Proposition 99 to the passage of Proposition 56.


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