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radiologic health branch (rhb)

RHB - X-ray Certification & Permitting FAQs


1.      Where can I find my application/examination fees?

Fees are shown on the application forms. Application forms are located on our Forms Page.

2.      How long will it take to process my application?

We will mail you our decision on your application within 30 days from receipt of your application. If we CANNOT accept your application, we will tell you what is needed for us to reconsider your application.

3.      Who can I contact to get the status of my initial application or exam results?

Please e-mail us at Include with your request, your name, the type of certificate/permit you applied for and the date you sent your application or your examination date.

4.      When applying for the California Radiology Supervisor and Operator Certificate, what documentation will be acceptable evidence of passing the American Board of Radiology (ABR) examination(s)?

ONLY a Verification Letter from ABR is acceptable as evidence of passing the ABR examination(s)?


5.      When can I take the examination?

After we accept your application, you will receive notification by mail which will provide instructions on how to contact the American Registry for Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to register for the examination. Once you have paid for the examination through ARRT, they will mail you an examination packet which will provide instructions on how to schedule the examination.

6.      How long does it take to get my test results?

Within forty-five (45) days after taking the exam, you will be informed of your exam results by mail. If you have passed and were issued a certificate or permit, your name and certificate/permit information will be listed on our Certificate and Permit Search Tool and you will receive your certificate/permit within 4-6 weeks after the exam.

7.      Where can I find study materials for the radiologic technologist examinations?

Items recommended for use in radiography examination preparation are:

       (a)   Content Specifications for the Examination in Radiography provided in the ARRT's Examination Handbook For California Licensing/Permit Exams (PDF) located on the ARRT's StateRHC website;

       (b)   Online modules and directed readings related to radiography published by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). These educational materials are available for purchase through ASRT.

Items recommended for use in fluoroscopy examination preparation are:

       (a)   ARRT's Content Specifications for the Fluoroscopy Examination (PDF); and

       (b)   ASRT's Online modules and directed readings related to fluoroscopy, available for purchase through the ASRT.

8.      Where can I find study materials for the Supervisor and Operator Permit examinations?

Items recommended for use in radiography examination preparation are:

       (a)   Content Specifications for the Radiography Examination (PDF) located on the ARRT's StateRHC website; and

       (b)   ASRT's Online modules and directed readings related to radiography, available for purchase through the ASRT.

Items recommended for use in fluoroscopy examination preparation are:

       (a)   Content Specifications for the Fluoroscopy Examination (PDF) located on the ARRT's StateRHC website; and

       (b)   ASRT's Online modules and directed readings related to fluoroscopy, available for purchase through the ASRT.

9.      I missed my examination date. Can I reschedule my examination?

Please contact us at (916) 327-5106. Leave a detailed message including your full name and telephone number as well as the examination you applied for and someone will return your call within 2 business days to discuss your request.


10.      Can I update my name/address online?

No. Please send us a completed Report of Name or Address Change Form (PDF: 731 KB).   The form is also located on our Forms page. Fax the completed form to (916) 440-7900 or mail it to us at:

California Department of Public Health 

Radiologic Health Branch, MS 7610 

Certification Support Unit

P.O. Box 997414 

Sacramento, CA 95899-7414


11.      How do I get a renewal application for reporting my continuing education credits?

A form for reporting your continuing education credits will be in your renewal billing notice that we will mail to you 90 days before your certificate/permit expires. If you do not receive your renewal notice 45 days before your certificate/permit expires, then email us at Please include your mailing address and certificate/permit number.

12.      What happens if I do not have my renewal billing notice and it is now past my renewal due date (30 days before expiration)?

Special renewal forms are available on RHB's Applications page. These special renewal forms cannot be accepted more than 30 days before your certificate/permit renewal date. It is very important that you determine the correct fee including any applicable penalty. We cannot refund your payment if it is not correct and your renewal application will be considered incomplete.

13.      What are the fees to renew my certificate/permit?

Your renewal fee will be listed in the renewal billing notice that we mail out 90 days before your certificates/permits expire.

14.  Can I pay my fees online or by phone?

No. We regret that we are not able to process fees online or by phone at this time.

15.  Can I still X-ray patients even though my certificate/permit has expired, but I have sent you my renewal with fee payment?

 No. It is unlawful for you to take X-rays without a current valid certificate/permit. After sending us your renewal application and fee, you can go to our Certificate/Permit Search Tool and see if your renewal has been processed. If your renewal has been processed, you can then printout your information from the search tool and provide it with your expired certificate/permit to your supervisor, or the person designated by your facility, to resume taking X- rays.


16.  How can I reinstate my expired certificate/permit?

Either email us at or send us a letter requesting to be reinstated. For mailing a letter, use the address found in question 10 above.  Please note: if you requested to cancel your permit or certificate, you are not eligible for reinstatement and will need to apply for a new permit or certificate.  IMPORTANT: Pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 107085, if your reinstatement application is not received by the 5th anniversary of the certificate/permit's expiration date, the certificate/permit is not subject to reinstatement and shall be canceled.  Also, see the response in question 17 for additional information.

17.  If I am classified as 'Retired' by the ARRT, do I still need to pay my California certificate/permit renewal fee and earn the required continuing credits?

Yes, if you want to remain eligible to take X-rays within California. Your California certificate/permit is automatically revoked if you do not pay your renewal fees within six (6) months. A revoked certificate may be reinstated only if you submit a reinstatement application (a Special Renewal Application) no later than the 5th anniversary of the certificate/permit's expiration date, pay a reinstatement fee (PDF: 91 KB), and have completed the required number of continuing education credits in the two-year period prior to submittal of the reinstatement application.

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