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Prenatal Care Provider FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on the Revised PNS Program

Launched September 19, 2022

NOTE: Kaiser providers should check with their internal systems to find out how ordering screening tests or result communications differs from what is summarized here.

Summary of Prenatal Screening Program Changes (PDF, 2 pages)

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Questions on cfDNA screening 

For the revised PNS Program, regarding cfDNA screening, providers will have a choice of three state-contracted cfDNA laboratories (Natera, Quest Diagnostics, and PerkinElmer) to choose when ordering the cfDNA screening test through the CalGenetic Portal

Regarding MSAFP screening, similar to how it is under the current program, specific state-contracted laboratories are assigned for the MSAFP screening based on the zip code location of the provider. Providers will be able to go to the CalGenetic Portal to enter the zip code and preprint MSAFP mailing labels that can be affixed to the MSAFP blood collection kits for their patients. The MSAFP mailing labels and other supplies should be ordered on the PNS Program supplies order web page

Each of the state-contracted labs provide comparable screening performance with respect to screening for the three most common fetal autosomal trisomies (trisomy 21, trisomy 18 and trisomy 13). However, the process for obtaining screening for patients is different for each lab.  

For Natera, providers will need to order blood collection kits and can draw blood in their own office or send the patient to a Natera contracted draw station.  

For Quest Diagnostics, patients can be sent directly to one of their 400+ Patient Service Centers.  

Please visit our PNS Program Information for Providers web page to see the laboratory-specific instructions for ordering cfDNA screening. Please also review the "additional Information" document for each laboratory, which provides more specific details for each laboratory.

Please see this list of Reference List on cfDNA Screening (PDF) that was created as part of the April 18, 2022, webinar on the Clinical Overview of cfDNA Screening. Please visit the PNS Program Webinars web page to view the recording of that and other program change webinars.

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Questions on either cfDNA or MSAFP screening 

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