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Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant

The Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant provides core funding to California to improve the health and well-being of mothers, infants, children and youth, including children with special health care needs and their families. The Title V Block Grant is federally administered by the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau (HRSA) . Authorized under the Title V of the 1935 federal Social Security Act, title V was converted to a Block Grant Program in 1981.

About Title V in California

California by the numbers by California Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division, version December 2021 California by the numbers, prepared by Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division, version December 2021 40.1 million people children and youth with special health care needs aged 0 through 17 most diverse population 62.1% people of color or Hispanic ethinicity 26.2% foreign-born 63.9% decline in adolescent birth rate from 2009 through 2018 420,386 annual births 248 birthing facilities 40% Medi-Cal paid deliveries 8.8% preterm births 61 local health jurisdictions

The California Title V Program is administered by the Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Division of the California Department of Public Health. MCAH provides Title V funding to 61 Local Health Jurisdictions, which play a critical role in the collaborative development of priorities and strategies that drive the MCAH mission. In addition to Local MCAH, Title V supports a variety of other programs such as the Black Infant Health Program (BIH), the Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) and the Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP). MCAH collaborates with partners to support additional programmatic efforts in areas including oral health, trauma and violence prevention, communicable diseases, genetic diseases, nutrition support, health care delivery, adolescent sexual health, maternal and perinatal quality of care, developmental screening and others.

The conceptual framework  for the services of the Title V MCAH Block Grant is envisioned as a pyramid with three tiers of services and levels of funding that provide comprehensive services for mothers, adolescents and children. The California Title V Program is also grounded on several evidence based guiding frameworks including but not limited to Social Determinants of Health , Health Equity , and Ten Essential Services of Public Health .

Needs Assessment

Every five years California is required to complete a comprehensive needs assessment on the health and well-being of the population we serve. Each local health jurisdiction (LHJ) completes a local needs assessment every five years and uses the results to plan local programs. The MCAH Division compiles information from the local needs assessments and uses other statewide data to develop the statewide needs assessment.

Application and Annual Report

Each year, the MCAH Division of the the California Department of Public Health reports on the State’s Title V Block Grant program plans, management, measurement of progress and accounting for the costs of the State efforts. The reports are submitted by July 15th of every year.  California’s most recent information can be found at the following links from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau:

Public Comments

Prior to submitting California's Title V Annual Application/Report, the public is invited to provide comment on an abridged draft. The Public Input period is currently open and will close on May 13, 2022.  Please submit any comments to prior to that date. If your comment relates to a specific area of the document, please reference the location in your comment. Comments will be addressed through updates to the document, if relevant. 

Latest Reports

Our latest Executive Summary contains a program overview, information on key 2020 issues,  priority needs by domain and highlights several success stories.

Title V Application Narrative  (FY 2021-2022) describes California's Title V MCAH Priority needs, focus areas, objectives, strategies, and activities for all 5 domains – maternal, infant, child, adolescent, and Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs (CYSHCN).

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