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All facilities letters

released 2016

​Bulletin NumberFacility Type Affected​Subject​Release Date​
AFL 16-01​Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities​Transfer, Discharge and Readmission Requirements01/20/2016
AFL 16-02​All Facilities​Centralized Applications Unit Internal Operational Relocation​02/24/2016
AFL 16-03​All Facilities​Preventing Transmission of Zika Virus in Labor and Delivery Settings​04/08/2016
AFL 16-04​Home Health Agencies​Fingerprint Submission and Criminal Background Check Requirements​05/02/2016
AFL 16-05​Skilled Nursing Facilities​California Minimum Data Set Nuggets​05/04/2016
AFL 16-06​All Facilities​Hot Summer Weather Advisory​06/07/2016
AFL 16-07​General Acute Care Hospital, Acute Psychiatric Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, Intermediate Care Facility​Program Flexibility Letter Recall​06/13/2016
AFL 16-08​All Facilities​Level II Heat Alert Advisory​06/17/2016
AFL 16-09​All Facilities​Fiscal Year (FY) 2016-17 Health Care Facility License Fee Schedule​07/26/2016
AFL 16-10​Chronic Dialysis Clinics, End Stage Renal Disease Centers (ESRDs), Hemodialysis Technician Training Programs​Request Stakeholder Involvement in Regulation Development for Certified Hemodialysis Technician (CHT) Training Programs​07/26/2016
AFL 16-11​All Facilities​Name and Physical Address Change for the Center for Health Care Quality (CHCQ), Licensing and Certification Program (L&C), and Grant and Fiscal Assessment Unit (GFAU)​08/02/2016
AFL 16-12​Skilled Nursing Facilities​Dementia Care Program Availability​08/02/2016
AFL 16-13​All Long-Term Care Facilities​Facility Emergency Contact and All Facilities Letter (AFL) Recipient Information​08/04/2016
​AFL 16-14​General Acute Care Hospitals​Mycobacterium chimaera Infections Associated with Exposure to Sorin 3T Heater-Cooler Devices during Open Chest Cardiac Surgery ​09/27/2016
AFL 16-15​All Facilities​Centralized Application Unit: Processing Facility Applications and Report of Change Request​10/20/2016
AFL 16-16​General Acute Care Hospitals​Microbacterium chimaera Infections Associated with Exposure to Sorin Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler Devices during Open Chest Cardiac Surgery​11/28/2016
AFL 16-17​Primary Care Clinics​Assembly Bill 2053 - Primary Care Clinic Consolidated Licensure​12/22/2016
AFL 16-18​General Acute Care Hospitals (GACHs)​Senate Bill 1365 - Patient Notification of Outpatient Clinic Service Availability​12/22/2016


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