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​Quick & Easy PrEP or PEP Access
​Learn how you can access one month of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) or Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV, without providing proof of program eligibility. Read on to learn how to enroll in PrEP-AP for one year of coverage.

Enroll in PrEP-AP

Eligibility Criteria

To Enroll in PrEP-AP, you must provide documentation to substantiate that you meet the following Client Type eligibility requirements:


(18+ years)
(18+ years) with Confidentiality Concerns*


Temporary Coverage

​Immediate Access
Proof of Identification

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HIV negative

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California Resident

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Income less than 500% of the poverty line
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Not eligible for full coverage by a third party insurer
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Adult (18+ years) with Condifentiality Concerns must legally attest to not being able to use insurance they have through a parent, spouse, or registered domestic partner due to confidentiality concerns.

** Minor clients can fill out the Request for Services form in English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF) if they do not have an accecptable form of ID.

Please Note: Residents of California are eligible for PrEP-AP regardless of immigration status, and PrEP-AP is not subject to Public Charge rule. Clients can provide proof of HIV negative status after provisionally enrolling in PrEP-AP.

How to Enroll in PrEP-AP:

#1: Visit Enrollment Worker

Find an Enrollment Site Near You

#2: Provide Eligibility Documents

Use the Acceptable Eligibility Documents for Clients or the Acceptable Eligibility Documents for Minors and Clients with Confidentiality Concerns.

#3: Visit a Clinician

​If you are uninsured, a minor, or a client with confidentiality concerns, visit a provider within the PrEP-AP Clinical Provider Network. If you are insured, see a provider within your health plan network.
#4 Labs & Prescription

Access PrEP medications through your pharmaceutical assistance program (If applicable), for all other prescriptions, visit a pharmacy within the MagellanRx network.

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