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Office of Regulations

Inspector and California State Capitol.

Proposed Regulations

Listed below are the Department's current emergency, non-emergency and non-substantive regulatory proposals.  Click on the link to view the entire proposal.

Current Regulatory Proposals​

Regular Rulemaking Proposals


DPH-21-008E Prenatal Screening

Approved Regulations


DPH-22-002E Industrial Hemp Fees

DPH-21-012E Newborn Screening Program Fees

DPH-19-012E Newborn Screening Program Fees

DPH-08-005E Prenatal Diagnosis Center

DPH-17-019E Newborn Screening

DPH-17-011E Skilled Nursing Facilities 3.5 Direct Care Hours

Regular Rulemakings

DPH-22-001 Adult Day Health Care Center 

DPH-20-017 Compatibility Maintenance with NRC Regulations

DPH-20-011 Lead Dust Standards Update

DPH-11-023 Adverse Events Reporting

DPH-15-001 Public Pools

DPH-11-009 Medical Information Breach

DPH-11-012 Clinical Laboratory Personnel Standards: Definitions

DPH-17-009 Radiologic Technology Act Regulations: RTCC Recommendations

DPH-16-002 CLIA Crosswalk Part 2

DPH-10-007 Health & Therapeutic Medical Physicist Authorization

DPH-13-013 Definition of Social Worker Revisions

DPH-13-001 Compatibility Maintenance with NRC Regulations

DPH-10-005 Requirements for the Use of X-Ray Mammography

DPH-16-001 Source Material Distribution & General License Revisions

DPH-15-003P In-Patient Treatment of Eating Disorders

DPH-17-011P Skilled Nursing Facilities 3.5 Direct Care Hours

DPH-12-004 Financial Surety

DPH-17-010 Emergency Cannabis Regulations

DPH-16-009 Lead Related Construction, Certified Industrial Hygienist Correction

DPH-11-004 Pre-Kindergarten and School Immunization Requirements

DPH-17-004 Medical Cannabis Manufacturing

DPH-14-006 LGBT Training Requirements

DPH-05-012 Forensic Alcohol Testing Laboratories 

DPH-09-012 Administrative Penalties

DPH-07-005 WIC Participant Sanctions

DPH-15-012 Limited Permit X-ray Bone Densitometry Category Whole Body Composition & Terminology Change

DPH-16-013 Posting of Radiologic Technology Act Authorizing Documents

DPH-17-016 Newborn Screening Participation Fee Increase 2018

DPH-18-015 Syringe Exchange Program Regulatory Consistency

APA Exempt

DPH-22-011 Reportable Disease Changes (File and Print)

DPH-22-012A Updated Regulatory References to Health Care

DPH-21-010 Adult Day Health Care (Section 100) (PDF)

DPH-21-005 OCal Regulations 

DPH-21-006 Reportable Disease Changes (File and Print)

DPH-21-004 Reportable Disease Changes (File and Print)

DPH-20-010 LRC Certification Fee Increase (File and Print) 

DPH-20-021 Reportable Disease Changes July 2020

DPH-17-018 Reportable Disease Changes

DPH-18-023 Primary Care Clinics License (Section 100) (PDF)

DPH-18-012 CLPP $12 Fee Increase (Section 100) (PDF)

EXEMPT-11-011 Tissue Donors HIV Sperm Washing 

DPH-15-013-Exempt CLIA Crosswalk (PDF)

DPH-18-005 Conflict of Interest Code

DPH-16-012 Fair Political Practices Commission: Form 700      

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