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HIPAA Notices of Privacy Practices

A Notice of Privacy Practices is a document that informs an individual of the uses and disclosures of personal information that may be made by the Department's programs that are a "covered entity" under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy regulations, and of the individual's rights and the covered program's legal duties with respect to personal information. HIPAA requires covered entities to develop these documents and distribute them to individuals enrolled in Department group health plan-type programs and/or to individuals with direct treatment relationships with covered Department health care providers.   

The following is a list of the Department's HIPAA-covered programs along with the programs' Notice(s) of Privacy Practice for each program:

AIDS Drug Assistance Program

English (PDF)

Newborn Screening Program

English (PDF)

Prenatal Screening Program

Chinese (PDF)

English (PDF)

Korean (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

Vietnamese (PDF)

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