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Laboratory Field Services (LFS)

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Clinical and Public Health Laboratories

Laboratory Field Services (LFS) provides registration and licensing services for clinical and public health laboratories as prescribed by law. 



Registration is for waived and PPMP laboratory testing only.

Licensure is for moderate or high complexity laboratory testing.


  We process applications according to the date received. Currently processing renewal applications received in:
  <-- (see month on the left side panel)


 COVID-19 Testing Notification: The Department of Public Health needs information about California laboratories currently testing for COVID-19. Please fill out this notification to submit your laboratory’s information.

​​ note You can contact us by phone and email: ​


Call Center:  510-620-3800

To check the status of your recent application, or
ask general application questions.


>For applications sent over 60 days, and
>You have not heard from us, or
>Your check was not cashed within 30 days, or
 >You found an error on your certificate.

Remember to refer to your State ID and/or CLIA ID when contacting us.

Clinical Laboratory Registration (Waived or PPMP testing)
Out-of-State Clinical Laboratories
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Clinical Laboratory License (Moderate/High Complexity Testing)
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