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SNAP-Ed Funding Application FFY 20-22

FFY 2020-2022 Addendum 3 - Funding Application Package (PDF)


Letter of Intent (PDF)
Programmatic Projections Form (Word)
FFY 2020-2022 SNAP-Ed LHD Application Checklist (PDF) 
To request a fill-in version of this checklist,  contact

Grantee Information Form (PDF)
Letter of Agreement (if applicable) (Word)
CA SNAP-Ed  In-State Travel Form (if applicable)*
CA SNAP-Ed Out-of-State Travel Form (if applicable)*
Non-Disparagement Certificate (PDF)

IWP Documents and Instructions

FFY 2020-2022 SNAP-Ed Integrated Work Plan Instructions*
FFY 2020-2022 SNAP-Ed Integrated Work Plan*
FFY 2020-2022 SNAP-Ed Site List*
FFY 2020 Budget Workbook*


Attachment 1: CA SNAP-Ed Approved Curriculum List (EXCEL)
Attachment 2: CDPH-NEOPB Approved Resources List*
Attachment 3: FRPM Data (PDF)**
Attachment 4: ACS 2010-2014 Census Tracts, Ethnicities (New 2/3/16) (PDF)**
Attachment 5: ACS 2010-2014 Census Block Groups, All Races (PDF)**
Attachment 6: ACS 2010-2014 Census Tracts, All Races (New 1/27/16) (PDF)**
Attachment 7: ACS 2011-2015 Census Tracts, Ethnicities (PDF, 10.3MB)**
Attachment 8: ACS 2011-2015 Census Block Groups, All Races (PDF, 5.5MB)**
Attachment 9: ACS 2011-2015 Census Tracts, All Races (PDF, 2.0MB)**
Attachment 10a: ACS 2012-2016 Census Tracts, Ethnicities (PDF, 5.0MB)**
Attachment 10b: ACS 2012-2016 Census Block Groups, All Races (PDF, 3.5MB)**
Attachment 10c: ACS 2012-2016 Census Tracts, All Races (PDF, 1.7MB)**
Attachment 11: Federally Qualified Health Centers (PDF)
Attachment 12: USDA WRO Targeting Methodologies Summary***
Attachment 13: USDA SNAP-Ed Guidance
Attachment 14: Travel Worksheet*
Attachment 15: CDPH-NEOPB Fiscal and Administrative Guidelines Manual
Attachment 16: Add2-FFY 2020-2022 SNAP-Ed Local Health Department Programmatic Priorities (PDF)
Attachment 17: CDPH FFY 2020-2222 SNAP-Ed LHD Funding Projections (PDF)
Attachment 18: Local Health Department Deliverables (PDF)
Attachment 19: Local Health Department Sub-Granting Expectations (PDF)

*Documents will be released at later date. Check website regularly for more information.
​**If you are having difficulty accessing this document please contact CDPH at to request this information in an alternate format.
***Please visit the CDSS' SNAP-Ed Resources site to access most current document.
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