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Genetic disease screening program


Screening Information System (SIS) 2.0

Important Update

SIS 2.0 is currently for Prenatal Screening Program users only. NBS and Biobank users should use:

Favorited pages either bookmarked or saved as SIS 1.0 should be updated to the new SIS 2.0 locations to prepare for the Revised Program's launch on September 19, 2022.

Access to the SIS 2.0 BI Reports will be available after the launch of the Revised Program.

Note: The Oath of Confidentiality will now be captured electronically for each user upon first-time login to SIS 2.0.

To access the California Codes go to the Official California Legislative Information website.

See the Genetic Disease Screening Program Privacy Policy.

For help with SIS 2.0, please contact

SIS 2.0 Materials

SIS 2.0 Web-based Training Videos

Live Demos

The web-based training videos are provided in HTML format which is unable to incorporate keyboard-only navigation. If required, please submit a request to and an MP4 file can be provided.

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