Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control

Division of environmental and occupational Disease control

Environmental and occupational hazards are important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to understanding public health issues. There are many groups in California that may be particularly vulnerable to environmental hazards or contaminants.  These include children, the elderly, the poor and recent immigrants. Personal factors such as genetic susceptibility, nutrition, lifestyle, and individual habits also impact health in our communities. Community development decisions – such as zoning, transportation, housing, and public safety -- influence the public’s health in direct, as well as indirect, ways. 

DEODC programs take a comprehensive approach to studying risk and formulating policies, which considers many possible contributing factors as well as the social, cultural and physical environment. DEODC works with stakeholders like county health departments, regulatory agencies, universities, and community groups to resolve environmental and occupational problems and controversies.

The vision of DEODC is a California free of environmental and occupational disease where people live, work and play in healthy places.

The mission of DEODC is to prevent or reduce disease and injury related to environmental and occupational factors. Our staff employs a variety of methods to identify and understand health problems that may be caused or made worse by exposure to hazards in the workplace or in the environment. We track and investigate cases of illness and injury to understand contributing factors and develop prevention strategies. We share what we have learned with community members and stakeholders. DEODC programs also carry out specific activities mandated by the Governor or Legislature. 

The four branches of DEODC contribute to the prevention and control of environmental and occupational disease through public health leadership, scientific excellence, regard for ethical standards, informed public discussion, and productive collaboration with stakeholders. (Please see the links to each branch below.)

DEODC also has a multidisciplinary Emergency Preparedness Team, whose goal is to identify and reduce risks from chemical releases and other hazards in California and to minimize their health impacts on workers, first responders, communities, and vulnerable populations.    ​



Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control
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